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The location and orientation of the blisters is then verified by a eyesight system ahead of sealing the card. This helps to maintain rejects to a minimum and maximises yield on product. This is actually the latest development in an ongoing advertising campaign by Almac to continually invest in automation as a increase in efficiency and capacity to core primary product packaging providers. Commenting on the brand new machines, Almac’s Global VP of Business Advancement Martin Lamb stated The machines are a welcomed addition to Almac’s growing portfolio of automated principal packaging services as they demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to invention and driving improvements across the clinical source chain. These lines are perfect for larger Stage III trials that may require higher volumes of wallet cards.Here are some benefits of ear candling:Substantial improvement in your hearing abilityAbsence of unusual sounds in the earRelief from headachesRelief from the creepy feeling of accumulated wax in the earRelease of extreme pressure in the earRelief from sinus problemsNo concern with ear infections in the futureRelief from tinnitus, earaches and swimmer’s earRelief from Meniere’s diseaseBetter lymphatic circulationEar candling is an extremely delicate procedure and needs a lot of attention and meticulousness.