Who directs immunology and virology research at the Gladstone Institutes.

The so-called international edition of HIV/Helps Medicine features up-to-date scientific information on HIV/Helps, such as the best treatment options for individuals with drug-resistant tuberculosis-a condition frequently found among HIV-positive individuals-but also includes specialized chapters on handling and treating HIV and AIDS in resource-poor settings. With the majority of new HIV infections happening in the developing globe, we have to arm doctors in these regions with all the current tools they have to combat the virus, said Joel Gallant, MD, MPH, associate director of the Johns Hopkins Helps Support at the Johns Hopkins University College of Medicine and co-editor of the text.The team used live imaging technology and microinjected fluorescent markers to capture the actions in vivid pictures and video. ‘Our pictures reveal arm-like structures known as filopodia appearing on the outer membrane of some cells during the 8-cell stage, and it is these filopodia that are responsible for contorting cell form, and forming the embryo's initial tissue-like layers,’ Dr Fierro-Gonz-lez said. ‘For the very first time, we possess been able to view as filopodia touch base and get neighbouring cells, pulling them nearer and elongating the cell membranes.