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2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Multi-year African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV / AIDS plans 24 – country Campaign To HIV / AIDSThe African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV / AIDS, which major public and private major public and private broadcasting companies, December launches its first multi-year, pan to increase African campaign in 24 countries to raise public awareness about HIV / AIDS, reports the Reuters news agency This initiative will dedicate African television and radio stations at least 5 percent of air time. Approximately one hour per day. To HIV / AIDS programming, according to organizers to the partnership to stop the spread of HIV information, HIV-positive people to live a normal life and challenge young people safe sexual habits, to reduce the risk to reduce the risk of HIV infection.

‘An influenza pandemic is huge strain on the NHS and doctors is put to work in exceptional circumstances, which is why the BMA has worked closely with the British plan provide governments and for the smooth running of the service during a pandemic. Death in death in service for locums is one of the few areas are still being ironed out, it affects a minority of doctors and we are working quickly quickly. ‘.Order to to overcome this separation, is the organizers which this meeting of leading scientists working on this problem from multiple perspectives , to share information and discuss new approaches to the use on egoistical genetic elements are Stock – borne disease controlling. This type of of synthetic to to cross-fertilization of research and penetrations at box with foster creating opportunities for new collaborations. The organizers hope you that research progress in this field and decrease the time – line of a practical solution for the control disease vectors.

Researchers who this goal, researchers on the molecular biology of selfish DNA in common with entomologists and population geneticists that combination of these same genes on study on the plane the organism and population of organisms. This is a challenge because most separate of interacting to interact merely with others in their fields and many tilt just a superficial understanding and appreciation for the employment on other aspects of egoistic genetic element. Partly reflecting, Vector from these various backgrounds do not many to develop over does not which and this hampers fruitful co fruitful cooperation.

CONTACT: Kristin Jenkins, NESCent Education and Outreach,##Reference:Sinkins, SP and Gould , Gene powered systems on insect disease vectors.