What does a Member State prior to a vaccination campaign against bird flu en savoir plus?

What does a Member State prior to a vaccination campaign against bird flu?Prior vaccination no birds against avian influenza, that a Member State with a detailed vaccination plan, including details on the control measures to the Commission en savoir plus . The Commission will monitor this plan together with the Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health. It can lay and. Further conditions, such as movement restrictions on live vaccinated birds, prior approval of the vaccination campaign In case of emergency vaccination, the Member State may begin implementation of the vaccination program prior approval by the Commission, if it issues a general ban on the movement of poultry and its products and other captive birds in the field of vaccination, and shows that the vaccination will not have a negative effect on disease control.

What are the benefits of vaccination against bird flu?Vaccination reduces the risk of birds infected with the bird flu virus, and reduces the chances that the virus was added in a vaccinated holding, as a higher amount of the virus is needed before vaccination bird infected. Vaccination also reduces the amount of virus in the environment of a bird shed if they are not infected with bird flu, thus helping of of spread of disease. A properly vaccinated flock is less likely to of avian flu of avian influenza than a non – vaccinated flock, and if an outbreak occurs it is slower to spread and easier to control and eradicate in a vaccinated flock. In addition, the vaccine reduced the mortality of infected birds policy that for protecting valuable birds such as zoo.

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