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Each of the drug candidates acts by a unique mechanism of actions and gets the potential to focus on a wide range of malignancy types. We believe this transaction will immediately strengthen our drug pipeline, enhancing Gain access to’ franchise worth within the oncology space, commented Stephen R. Seiler, Gain access to’ President and CEO. Furthermore to supplying a clinical-stage drugcandidate, Somanta’s pre-clinical pipeline is highly diversified with each anti-cancer compound having its own novel mode of action, which may be applied to an array of cancer types.Some stores carry individual packets of nut butters if your kids enjoy squeezable products at lunch. Fruit salad is another method to incorporate a number of fruits. For a much less perishable option, shop at a natural foods store for individual containers of canned fruits and applesauce that contain no sweeteners or additional additives. 2. Dried fruits, fruit leathers, freeze dried fruits and individual boxes of raisins are tasty treats. Search for brands that contain no added colours, sweeteners, sulfur or oils dioxide. 3. Fresh veggies – If your son or daughter isn’t a huge veggie fan, try chopping vegetables into bite-sized pieces to make them more snackable or cut veggies into sticks for dipping in homemade hummus, ranch guacamole or dip.