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The TREK program represents a new method of balloon catheter style, and provides physicians with a high-performing choice for treating complicated lesions and difficult-to-reach blockages. Abbott received CE Mark for the TREK system earlier this year. ‘The TREK system includes a more seamless, transitionless design which allows for effective navigation to hard-to-gain access to lesions, which is an essential aspect in treating individuals with complex anatomy. In contrast, the designs of several balloon catheter systems consist of more abrupt junction points that can create level of resistance while trying to access complex lesions,’ stated Julinda Mehilli, M.D., director of Clinical Data and Study Coordinating, Intracoronary Stenting and Antithrombosis Study Center, German Heart Center in Munich.You should eat a whole lot of carbohydrates which should comprise 45 % of your meal intake. Carbohydrates contain plenty of calories are very useful in assisting a person train intensely in the gym. Then you need to take plenty of proteins which should cover 35 % of your meals. You also must ensure that you consider healthy fat in your diet because they contain loads of calories. The reason why you require to increase the frequency of you meals is indeed that you can be able to boost your calorie levels.