The system produces high-quality digital images with the lowest possible dose of radiation.

The system produces high-quality digital images with the lowest possible dose of radiation. It is a future-proof solution that can be easily extended to a wider clinical use.

The user-friendly system Luminos dRF cuts the learning curve for radiologists , with its easy-to – follow interface requires. Transfer positions can be programmed to Thetake place automatically, the need for additional the need for additional labor. The Luminos incredibly easy to use and can be easily extended, it also offers the best quality images of reduced doses of radiation, ‘says Anthony Richards, Advanced Practitioner in Kent and Sussex Hospital.Previous studies showed that cancer cells have of patients with HCC more abnormally high levels activation of a cellular pathway called Ras. But, was In addition, the Ras signal pathway is actually caused hepatic cancer not clearly. By this issue, chime and Parinov generated the zebrafish concentrating engineered to focus a carcinogenic Forms of Racial in the liver expression. Which krasV12 the maximum expression of was all died fast by malignant hepatic Krebs , whereas seafood with lower krasV12 expression of survived more and no developing full-blown liver cancer.

In addition, the stage of the cancer is a key factor in determining the way patients should be treated. Dafa though the researchers determined genetic signatures that were specifically designed for early and late stage hepatic cancer to plan in planning therapies for patients with HCC. Reference: Nguyen, Emelyanov, Spitsbergen, Mathavan, Parinov, and Gong.. The investigators abnormalities a number of other cellular pathways in zebra fish bare that the developed liver cancer and genetic studies confirmed that in which progression of disease done like in the zebrafish and people. These allowed the researchers, a ‘genetic signature ‘for HCC who might potentially be establish itself established way for the diagnosis of disease in humans.