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The finding is a significant development for the Monash team, which Bayer Healthcare Bayer Healthcare, the drug as part of a revolution in the treatment of heart disease. Harald Schmidt, head of the Centre for Vascular Health and his colleagues at Monash University, Peter Schmidt and Barbara Kemp – Harper say the next step will be to translate the research so it benefits patients.However, the supplies of the isotope producing the Netherlands will be no necessarily are used the Netherlands.. Supply securitymedical isotopes to are widely available in hospital for the diagnosis of disease, especially cancer help. Da are only five commercial producers worldwide, and those use of older reactors, thus become sufficient and secure supply medical isotopes to a problem in recent years. In this manner it TU Delft nuclear research reactor will Back Up back-up facility towards the highflux Petten reactor. Of the reactor in Delft are to be supplying said supplying the weekly demand for molybdenum-99 the Netherlands.

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