Some suggests entirely new approach for the treatment of human cancersFor the first time.

Some suggests entirely new approach for the treatment of human cancersFor the first time, scientists from the University of Washington School of Medicine, Indiana University Bloomington and the University of Cambridge have determined how a plant hormone – auxin – interacts with its hormone receptor TIR1 mentioned. Its report on the front page this week’s issue of Nature, may also have important implications for the treatment of human disease, because TIR1 is similar to human known to be involved in cancer.

A number of human diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer and breast cancer are interactions between interactions between ubiquitin ligases and their substrate polypeptides, which the plant hormone tells us that it might be possible to rescue these interactions with small molecules, said Zheng.. Because the architecture of TIR1 obtain urgently among other ubiquitin ligases, including those in human cells, the researchers now expect other ubiquitin ligases small molecules such as small molecules such as auxin. Organic chemists could hypothetically, the corresponding molecules synthesized as a new type of cancer drug.This is shown has the advantage of the biochemical A method of suppressing – Find the other the proteins in the same biological pathway.. Likewise, if a load of proteins activity is restored, that batch is isolated to even smaller lots , until finally researchers narrows the search to two possible the target protein complexes, and Cdc42/RhoGDI Arp2 / 3 In the test tube pirl1 has does not directly inhibit Arp2 / 3, but it did impede Cdc42/RhoGDI.

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