Reuters reported in Thailand.

According to Kaiser Network Daily HIV / AIDS Report :’Thailand Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday announced grant a compulsory license a lower-cost a lower-cost version of antiretrovirals Merck efavirenz, Reuters reported in Thailand, which has 580,000 people with ,, international recognition for its rapid introduction of a national drug program that treats more than 82,000 HIV-positive people won. But the government’s commitment to universal access to care is facing increasingly high drug costs. ‘.

‘With that one train, Thailand has placed the health of its citizens against drug company profits and now stands with Brazil and Malaysia as a model for countries around the world whose people are in need of life-saving AIDS drugs. Asia Pacific region the governments in the countries where the people still to follow no access to much-needed AIDS drugs in Thailand and follow all tactics necessary to provide their citizens with lifesaving medicines. ‘.

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