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We are taking great strides through these applications, but more can be done and we encourage the growth and development of very similar programs throughout the country.’ ‘Survivorship programs allow us to examine, monitor and conduct research on AYAs and additional childhood cancer sufferers in remission, and many pediatric hematology/oncology nurses now work in these programs. Through these programs we are increasing tumor patients’ chances of survival.Likewise, there’s overlap between the signaling pathways for growth hormones and insulin-like growth factor 1 . Discussion In this study, we found a link between a determined decrease in height and an elevated threat of CAD genetically. Our obtaining validates the epidemiologic observation of an inverse association between CAD and height.1,2 A key advantage of using a genetic approach over a traditional epidemiologic method of investigate an association such as for example that between elevation and CAD is that genotypes are unlikely to be confounded by lifestyle or environmental factors. Whether or not such factors are known or unknown, they are able to independently affect achieved elevation and the risk of CAD and lead to a spurious association between them .