Published in Molecular Cell.

– ‘The relationship between aging and cancer is one of the best-known phenomena in cancer research,’said Gius, Associate Professor of Cancer Biology, Pediatrics and Oncology. ‘The problem is, this clinically significant question to answer, lacks lacks in vivo models this this. ‘.. The results, published in Molecular Cell, provide information that could assist in the screening, prevention and treatment of these common age-related cancers.While the young certainly cancer cancer anger, cancer is primarily a disease of aging, with the majority of cases in people over age 50.However, the biological processes this association this association is not clear.

African-American population during pregnancy, the more likely under African – American Women NextA New Saint Louis University study has found, although Caucasian women more likely to drink or binge drinking are before pregnancy, African-American women are reduced to less likely to drink during pregnancy, may be associated with a higher rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the population. The frustrating thing about this debilitating birth defect is completely avoidable completely preventable Why do women , Tenkku said. do everything in their power to give their children the best start possible? .

In addition means that the acetylation of this amino acid on MnSOD target can be useful as chemopreventive therapies in women at risk for these cancers and of recurrence, he noted.The research was supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Defense..The most common injuries at study subjects shallow injuries, open wounds and sprains, burn and intoxications while was were the least frequently personal injury.

Leading researchers Gail L. Associate professor of medicine and Psychiatrie from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said: ‘The increased risk is definitely there, but we have not quite sure why these people always shielded Are they treated. Little? Something be Go. ‘.. After Daumit research is needed to investigate the role of behavioral and pharmacologically factors have in increased cancer risk in patient with severe mental illness, and how much these people are are properly screened and treatment cancer. Prompt you work together psychiatric services and family doctors to promote screening and reducing modifiable risk factors as smoking rooms in this population.

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The new Johns Hopkins research displays whether patient with severe mental illness reasonable sifted for cancers prevention and receive about to cancer risks factors such as smoking.