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Fimian also said he is not Catholic faith Catholic faith or his membership in Legatus added that the organization ‘to service to the poor and to social justice and family issues erektiohäiriö hoito . ‘He said, looking the ads to the voters of the issues, like the economy, and his opponent Gerald Connolly performance distract as Chairman of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Connolly and Fimian is running for the seat vacated by retiring Rep. Tom Davis . Fimian the ‘views on social issues are relevant because he has in this campaign pretended a moderate in the mold of Tom Davis to be ‘Connolly said, adding: ‘Tom Davis is is pro-choice Tom Davis pro – stem cell. Research. And Tom Davis supported certainly the availability of contraception in the United States.[ Fimian] belongs to an organization that rejects these things. I suppose to an organization that to an organization that you are subscribed the principles of the organization. When he wants to deny the principles of that organization, now is the it it. ‘.

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