In the workplace sample check the whole info.

In the workplace sample, men and women had similar rates of the metabolic syndrome, although men had a higher average number of risk factors. As the number of risk factors increased, so did the rate of lifestyle health risks such as obesity, low physical activity, high stress and smoking. Workers with metabolic syndrome were more likely to own health own health than adequate to poor, compared to workers with fewer risk factors check the whole info .

Earlier mouse models have provided surprising insight into mechanisms linking serotonin connections with the regulation of feeding behavior and body weight linking linking serotonin with regulation of food intake by Research Revealed. The study, by Cell Press in the 26th Published November issue of the journal Neuron, locate a specific group of brain cells to transmit the energy balance and can lead to the development of obesity drugs with fewer side effects.

Almost 3,000 delegates from over 125 countries have of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil exchange lessons learned fight the exploitation of children, verification of progress reinforce and commitments. – ‘Sex exploitation of children with psychological and at times leaving behind physical scars, and takes their hopes to live in dignity,’said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman. ‘Do not specific country or region be immune, and there is no innocent bystanders. ‘.