In the first reported study Latino cardiac arrest

In the first reported study Latino cardiac arrest, has been shown that Latinos received BCPR only 12.8 percent of cases, compared with Caucasians, which it obtained in 23 .9 percent of cases. Even after adjusting for socio-economic indicators such as income and education, the inequality remained. The combined data view from a retrospective analysis of Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Evaluation in Los Angeles database with the California Death Statistical Master File -. There were 1239 cases analyzed.

Investigator Peter C. Commented: The Latino population is the fastest growing population in the United States and clearly it is of the utmost importance, the differences relate to identify all historically underserved populations, it is our hope that this study. With more than 6,000 to take specially directed to address health disparities in underserved populations. .

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###Sigal co-authors include postdoctoral fellows Ren Huan Xu, and Low catcher, and senior member of Andres classified – Swain, View all Fox Chase Cancer Center. These three scholarships three grants by to National Institutes of Health Fox Chase Cancer conjunction with an appropriation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Fox Chase Cancer Center. Fox Chase Cancer Center Philadelphia in Philadelphia than the nation’s first Crab hospitals. In 1974, Fox Chase has been among the first institutions called as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. Fox Chase conducts fundamental, clinical, population of and translational research Programmes of cancers prevention, detection and treatment of cancers and community outreach. For further information on Fox Chase Things see the centers Web site or give 1-888 – FOX CHASE.