In the current study.

In the current study, Donato and colleagues have expanded, at work and examined the effects of overexpression and gene silencing of LYN kinase in CML cell lines treated with imatinib. In addition, determined the level of LYN activation in samples from 12 imatinib-resistant patients, the BCR-ABL mutations and 6 patients whose tumor cells lacked sensitive to the drug but were unable to tolerate its side effects.

Moreover, when they treated these cells with imatinib, they saw that BCR-ABL activity was suppressed as sensitive in CML cells was on the drug, but LYN activation was not suppressed. When researchers blocked expression of the resistant cells resistant cells LYN , they restored imatinib responsiveness and triggered cell death.. Imatinib is the standard therapy for newly diagnosed CML patients. However, it is in some patients resistance to the drug over time. In some patients, resistance develops in response to mutations in the BCR-ABL gene. In other cases, however, researchers found no mutations Earlier work the resistance.The integration of the two tests, we can be a high high long-term risk for heart problems and can thereby a better chance to the prevention of further developing of the obstructive disease improvement in results. .. Therefore History CACS ask in patients with a normal SPECT, long-term risk a medium or high clinical risk factor profile have to coronary heart disease should be performed. If CACS is high, aggressively to aggressively to prevent the progression of the disease, add Dr. Mahmarian. Though a normal SPECT results forecast great short-term event-free survival, is does not tell us little over long-term risk and long-term outcome is much worse when CACS are severe, said Dr. Mahmarian.

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