In a letter to John Manfreda.

For Sparks and Sparks Plus, Anheuser-Busch for Bud Extra and Charge Drinks of Portland for its Liquid Charge and Liquid Primary drinks. Anheuser-Busch vice president Francine Katz stated the attorneys general should concentrate on restricting youth access to alcohol, particularly hard liquor products that may have 10 moments the alcohol by volume as malt beverages. The government already authorized the Bud Extra labeling, she said. ‘This product is simply a malt beverage which has caffeine, and is normally marked as comprising alcohol clearly,’ Katz said.Aylor, dean of U.Va.’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.S. About the University of Virginia College of Applied and Engineering Science Founded in 1836, the University of Virginia College of Engineering and Applied Science combines analysis and educational possibilities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Within the undergraduate programs, classes in engineering, ethics, mathematics, the sciences and the humanities are available to build a strong basis for careers in engineering and other professions. Its abundant research opportunities complement the curriculum and educate young men and women to become thoughtful leaders in technology and society.