High-quality scientific evidence that carcinogenic carcinogenic and addictive contained mere.

On the 28th mperial Tobacco Canada Destroys documents with studies on the health effects of smokingthe Canadian of the Canadian Medical Association Journal that Imperial Tobacco Canada attempted to destroy documents, high-quality scientific evidence that carcinogenic carcinogenic and addictive contained mere . These studies had a significant impact on the government’s tobacco control programs. This is the opening analysis of 60 scientific reports from 1967 to 1984 -. In Canada in Canada in 1992, but stored at British American Tobacco headquarters in the United Kingdom. ‘The findings of studies standards destroyed documents destroyed documents was the same, and in many cases exceeded the standards of the peer-reviewed research published during the same period,’said Dr. David Hammond, University of Waterloo, and her coauthors. ‘The destroyed documents reveal a large amount of scientific knowledge about the health effects of smoking. ‘.

Some of the destroyed documents report the carcinogenic constituents of tobacco smoke and describe tests for differences between brands of cigarettes . Other studies examined the effect of filters. Results showed that rats that filter filter more smoke particles in the lungs than rats with did. This was contrary the original hypothesis. As a report by a senior research scientist explained, smokers were more smoke to inhale to get a similar amount of nicotine. The authors write – : Indeed, epidemiological data suggest that the rise of ventilated cigarettes in Western countries, with an increase in the rate of adenocarcinoma collapsed, perhaps because of the deeper inhalation patterns from these products. , in fact.

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