High cholesterol.

Dr. Masley is usually a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida and teaches programs at Eckerd College. Dr. Masley has released several health books, including ‘The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up’, ‘A DECADE Younger’ and many scientific articles. His work has been featured on Public Television, the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, plus over 250 press interviews. Reverse cardiovascular disease naturally. Dean Ornish, M.D., Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. And Steven Masely, M.D. Prove that you can get rid of plaque buildup; improve circulation; decrease dependency for prescription enhance and medication immune function with simple changes to diet and lifestyle habits. Find out more on our next show with Jonathan Landsman and Steven Masley, M.D.Article: ‘Racial differences in follow-up of abnormal mammography results among economically disadvantaged ladies.’ Swann Arp Adams, Emily Rose Smith, James Hardin, Irene Prabhu Das, Jeanette Fulton, and James R. Hebert. Tumor; Published Online: October 26, 2009 ; Print Issue Time: December 15, 2009.. African-American women possess delay in follow-up following finding suspicious breast abnormality, says study A fresh analysis has identified a substantial delay in follow-up times among African-American women following the finding of a suspicious breast abnormality. In the December 15 Published, 2009 issue of Cancer, a peer-examined journal of the American Malignancy Society, the scholarly research indicates that African-American women may face obstacles to getting appropriate breasts cancer-related care.