Gebisa Ejeta.

Gebisa Ejeta, a Purdue University scientist won this year’s World Food Prize. Ejeta developed drought – and weed-tolerant crops and worked to the seed get in the hands of small farmers in his native Africa, Reuters writes . Reuters ‘blog’ Commodity Corner, interviews Per Pinstrup – Andersen, an agricultural economist at Cornell University and a food-winner, on food security and related topics (Rampton.

‘The number of top of the 1 billion mark in June , and was 963 million a year ago, ‘the Associated Press reports (David.. American commitments to a $ 20 billion agricultural program to farmers should be supported in the developing world is not an indication that the United States than their food aid policies goods commodity donations rather exchanged for money, said Ertharin cousin, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in Rome, reports the Reuters news agency.

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