Another highlighted study found elevated levels of progesterone accompanied by increased intra-abdominal pressures from the enlarging uterus, may lower esophageal sphincter pressure adding to heartburn symptoms, one of the most commonly reported complaints of women that are pregnant. Another important focus of the monograph addresses the problems encountered in the procedure and management of chronic digestive disorders in pregnancy. A debate is included by it of pharmacologic and choice therapies available to deal with GI symptoms in being pregnant and, importantly, identifies which medications are safe for use in women that are pregnant and those which should be prevented.Morning after pill has been suggested in rape instances whenever needed. It terminates being pregnant within seventy two hours only but has identical side-results and proves to be dangerous if intake is wrong. Physical or mental conditions which show high risk to her health if the pregnancy is continued. There are two prominent ways of abortion basically. One of these is surgical technique and the additional is medical abortion. A woman is meant to undergo minor medical procedures in clinic or abortion center, this is regarded as most permanent and well-known solution however in case of medical abortion, a woman is allowed to complete a program privately by being in the home and it decreases regular clinical visits too.