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Today's approval of Abraxane by the FDA seeing that a front-series treatment of pancreatic malignancy follows years of clinical trials, including those managed by Translational Drug Development , the pharmaceutical-development subsidiary of TGen. ‘We are proud to possess helped navigate the regulatory requirements and study protocols that helped make sure that Abraxane was not only effective, but safe for patients with advanced pancreatic tumor also,’ stated Dr. Stephen Gately, CEO and President of TD2. ‘This can be one of the most significant advancement in the treatment of pancreatic cancer since the FDA accepted gemcitabine in 1996.’ Dr. Von Hoff, considered among the country's leading authorities on pancreatic cancers, also was the principal investigator for the first clinical trial of gemcitabine, the first therapy showing improvement in survival for individuals with pancreatic cancers.Related StoriesTeva presents new Reslizumab data at European Respiratory Society International Congress 2015Efficient respiratory medical diagnosis solutionOLFUS study supports protection, efficacy of DBV's Viaskin Peanut patch in children with peanut allergyThe 5,870 ladies studied were aged 20-29 years and free from seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis in the very beginning of the study. These were asked about different way of life habits including their general alcohol intake, measured in beverages weekly .