Every teenage prays to God to spare him/her of the ugly looking reddish lesions.

Also avoiding the use of scrubs with apricots and almonds will help prevent skin tearing.Stay away from alcohol: if you are using astringents and toners, then try to restrict yourself from using beauty products with high concentrations of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dries the strips and epidermis the upper coating of the skin, thus making the skin produce more oil and aggravating the problem.Don’t touch or squeeze: Some people develop a habit of touching and squeezing the issue area again and again. This may cause an inflammation on the affected damage and area the encompassing skin.Keskar, M.S., Raghevendra Rajeshwarkar, M.D., Nandkumar Panse, B.Com., and Ketayun A. Dinshaw, M.D., F.R.C.R.: HPV Screening for Cervical Malignancy in Rural India In developing countries, there exists a lack of effective screening programs for cervical cancer. In these countries, no clinically significant decrease in the incidence of cervical tumor has occurred during the past three decades.1-4 In developed countries, by contrast, there has been a major decline in cervical-cancer mortality following the introduction of large-scale cytologic testing. The limited achievement of such screening in developing countries offers stimulated evaluation of testing for individual papillomavirus and visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid .