Evaluated evidence from 49 scientific trials from 1966 to 2007 that assessed the effect of milk.

Ads saying dairy products assist you to lose weight are misleading There have been recent claims that dairy products might help people lose weight, and the dairy industry has hyped the assertion by investing huge amount of money in commercial advertising. Nevertheless, a fresh review of the evidence released in the journal Nourishment Reviews reveals that neither dairy nor calcium intake promotes weight loss. Amy Pleasure Lanou of the University of North Carolina at Asheville and Neal Barnard with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medication in Washington, DC, evaluated evidence from 49 scientific trials from 1966 to 2007 that assessed the effect of milk, milk products, or calcium intake on bodyweight and BMI, with or without the use of dieting articles .

This results in an increased amount of fluid inside the eye, thus raising the pressure. Another way to think about high pressure in the eye is to assume a water balloon. The more water that’s put into the balloon, the bigger the pressure inside the balloon. Also, as being a water balloon can burst if an excessive amount of water is put into it, the optic nerve in the eye can be damaged by too much of a pressure. See Media files 1-2. Certain risk factors are linked to the advancement of glaucomatous damage. The higher the true number and the degree of risk factors, the greater the chance of developing glaucoma over time. The next historical and demographic factors have shown a higher association for the condition: Family history is normally a definite risk factor.A significant %age of individuals with glaucoma have a positive genealogy.Genealogy of glaucoma in a sibling is the greatest risk factor, followed by glaucoma in a mother or father.Increasing ageRace, african AmericanIn addition to elevated IOP particularly, the following eye conditions have been implicated because risk elements for developing glaucoma: Glaucoma currently present in one particular eyeCongenital abnormalities : The underlying cause of glaucoma could be from congenital variants in the eye, in the appearance of the optic nerve specifically.Onetime trauma to the attention or prior eye surgery: This may indicate that the optic nerve damage is not progressive but might have been because of an isolated incident.