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###by grants from the by grants from the International Carbon Black Association and by a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Health Sciences Center grant. – Contact: Jack Harkema, Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation.

The fact that the nasal passages could be vulnerable to the dangers of such nanoparticles is alarming because the nose, in addition to its fragrant tasks, is not only humidify and warm the air, but also filter. – ‘It basically acts as a scrubbing tower, removing inhaled gases, vapors and small airborne? ‘including nanoparticles? harmful to the lungs harmful to the lungs. ‘he said, ‘As it turns out, can nasal airway also targets of toxicity inhaled nanoparticles inhaled nanoparticles. ‘.

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This a fellowship from the a grant from the National Institutes of Health and a philanthropic gift of Epix Pharmaceuticals.

Coauthors include BIDMC investigator Jormay Lim, Martin Balastik, Tae Ho Lee, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Yih – of Cherng Liou says, in Anyang Sun, Greg Finland and Lucia Pastorino and Virginia M. Lee of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.