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However, aspirin is low in cost and its side effects are well known, since its safety has been assessed over the full years in an incredible number of patients.24 Low-intensity warfarin was evaluated for the extended treatment of venous thromboembolism and was found to be connected with a 64 percent reduction in risk, as compared with placebo.26 However, this warfarin still requires laboratory monitoring and dose adjustments regimen. Our study has several limitations. As in the majority of investigator-initiated studies, the recruitment of patients was slower than prepared. Indeed, this scholarly study took about 6 years to be completed.These include: Extent of hair thinning: If your hair thinning is extensive, and consistently increasing in that case your hair restoration surgery might not yield a satisfactory outcome. To possess a successful hair transplant treatment, the cosmetic surgeon must put the locks grafts in regions of the scalp that steady. In case you are prone to developing increased levels of bald spots, then you will need to undergo a much more intensive hair transplant treatment. Before you go beneath the knife, determine your hair loss pattern with the help of your doctor. Only will you be able to make the correct decision then. Hair and skin type: Whether you’re undergoing hair thinning treatment in Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, your physician will first have to determine your locks and skin type.