African American.

Children with special health care needs from households in which English is not the primary language were also less likely to receive both of these care components. The next stage of research shall include testing interventions to boost family-centered careContinue reading… African American.

DOR BioPharma.

DOR BioPharma, announced that its program for the development of DOR201 has received for the prevention of acute radiation sickness enteritis ‘Fast Track’by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration . – ‘There are no FDA approved therapies to prevent acuteContinue reading… DOR BioPharma.

And back injuries.

And back injuries,otion: Brown scientists to create new 3-D X-ray system Brown University researchers create a technology that doctors and scientists seemingly impossible: seemingly impossible: see see in living people and animals and how their bones flying moving in 3-D,Continue reading… And back injuries.