Lynnette Murray.

Such interventions included the use of mannitol, hypertonic saline, neuromuscular blockade, venting of cerebrospinal liquid through the ventricular drain, and barbiturates. After randomization, the mean intracranial pressure was lower in the craniectomy group than in the standard-treatment group . TheContinue reading… Lynnette Murray.

Doris Hillemann.

Perkins, M.D.: Fast Molecular Recognition of Tuberculosis and Rifampin Level of resistance Only a part of the estimated 500,000 patients who have multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and 1.37 million patients who have coinfection with tuberculosis and the human immunodeficiency virus worldwide eachContinue reading… Doris Hillemann.

This Phase III.

Rhee, M.D., MBA, chief of the Division of Urologic Surgery at the Southern California Permanente Medical Group and president of The California Urologic Association. Over the course of a year, the study will screen approximately 150 subjects with an estimatedContinue reading… This Phase III.