Case presentation Over a 12-month period.

Pale dots interrupted the pigmentary pattern. Skin biopsy showed an epidermis with a thick horny coating and basal keratinocytes with pigment but no melanocytic proliferation .. A sun-induced asymmetrical dark lesion Some solar lentigines may be dark and asymmetrical and require both biopsy and dermoscopy to exclude a lentigo maligna. Case presentation Over a 12-month period, a 73-year-old girl noted progressive darkening and growth of a 0.9 x 1.2 cm lesion on the dorsal facet of her left hands . The encompassing pores and skin was mottled and sunlight damaged. Dermoscopy revealed an asymmetrical, dark tan to black lesion with an irregular scalloped border .And the agency will not monitor incoming state data on school drinking water quality specifically. Critics say those procedures prevent the government from identifying the worst type of offenders – and undertaking enforcement reliably. Scientists say the tests requirements fail to detect dangerous poisons such as lead, that may wreak havoc on major organs and could retard children’s learning skills. ‘There is just no excuse for this.