Case presentation A 32-year-old female with olive skin presented with an isolated.

Case presentation A 32-year-old female with olive skin presented with an isolated, asymmetrically pigmented mole on her mid back . Dermoscopy uncovered a symmetrically designed mole that had an excellent peripheral pigment network and a dark brown, partly homogeneous central zone with a jagged perimeter and patchy milky veil . Excision biopsy exposed an epidermis with an elongated pigmented rete ridge program containing isolated melanocyte nests . The dermis acquired a diffuse infiltrate of naevus cells. The superficial dermal naevus cells were pigmented..Vichy skincare includes an extensive range of products for a variety of purposes: * Body treatment – targeting different areas of the body for radiant, glowing, hydrated skin * Sun care – sunlight protections in form of creams, oils, and milks * Hair care – effective items against damaged locks, hair thinning, sensitive scalp, dandruff, dry or oily hair, etc. * Make-up – excellent products for natural looking, flawless make-up * Deodorants – alcohol free of charge, kind to all skin types Here are a few of the leading lines by Vichy skin care: * LiftActiv for anti-aging actions * Neovadiol * Normaderm for oily, blemish-prone pores and skin * Dercos * Aqualia Thermal * Capital Soleil * Essentielles – a basic line of cheaper products * Vichy Homme that includes mens shaving and cleansing products Vichy laboratories have been around in development of a range of premium, effective skincare, make-up, and body maintenance systems since the 1930s.