But there are limits.

Some limitations switch plans – During the open enrollment period January to 31 Individuals have the ability to switch plans, but there are limits. In particular, they must continue to keep involving prescription drugs , if they had, such as the 31 December. If Medicare beneficiaries do not have prescription drug coverage than the 31 December, they can not add it to their plan change change.

‘With the March 31 deadline draws near, Medicare beneficiaries should consider whether their current plan really meets their needs,’said Scott R. Chief Government Programs officer, Health Net, ‘In reviewing their options, the most important factors. They should check the 4 Cs – Customer service, comfort and coverage ‘.

For 2009. Seniors The open enrollment 31st Closes March Health Net reminds seniors, 65 years or older, and others who are on Medicare, the Medicare Open Enrollment Period closes on Tuesday, March 2009.World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day be the birthday of Henry Dunant, the Swiss citizen which founded the International Red Cross and Red Crescent in the year 1863, for relief of plight of victims of war every year. The year 1859 Dunant enjoyed first hand the sad destiny of the wounded soldiers when the Battle of Solferino and been a tireless advocate for the humane treatment to the sick and wounded wartime.

– In line with the basic principles Red Cross and the Red Crescent, the topic on World the Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2004 being Stop Discrimination . Dunant tireless for the right of each soldiers wounded to medical treatment, the promotion of a cause still relevant today. Underlined by an lasting commitment about impartiality, neutrality and to other basic principles of movement and for international humanitarian law, long-term program Red Crescent companies around the world in her mission for protect human dignity.

March 2007, the started male circumcision in terms campaign to reduce the spread of HIV – Rwanda recently tells a masculine trimming program in an effort for reducing the spreading of HIV and other sexually transferable infection, BBC News.