ATHENA develops surrogate organ system for toxicity testing Creating surrogate human being organs.

Results from the task's Vanderbilt University effort on the ATHENA perfusion system will be presented in the Society of Toxicology meeting this week in Phoenix by co-principal investigator John Wikswo. Successful development and evaluation of a individual liver organ construct – – that responds to exposure to a toxic chemical very much like a genuine liver – is explained in a demonstration reported by the Gordon A. Cain University Professor and Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Study and Education at Vanderbilt University.7. Pears An apple a day keeps the physician away, but pectin-loaded pears aren’t too shabby either – – particularly when it involves lowering cholesterol. In fact, clean pears surpass apples in pectin content, which ushers cholesterol from the body before it really is absorbed. To maximize fiber intake, don’t peel your skin: simply wash and eat. Peaches, oranges and bananas contain this beneficial type of fiber also. 8. Tomatoes Don’t feel guilty about eating that bowl of whole-wheat pasta; simply slather it in tomato sauce to keep cholesterol in check. Tomatoes are bursting with lycopene, a plant substance which lowers LDL cholesterol amounts.