ASTRO reaffirms dedication to quality.

Worked with patient support groups, cancer survivors and additional medical institutions to create a list of questions patients should ask their doctors and malignancy centers when considering radiation therapy as cure for their disease. These are designed to help sufferers better understand the basic safety checks and balances that are placed into place to guard against errors. Those relevant issues are available for download on our patient website and to view as video clips posted on YouTube. Developed a free of charge self-evaluation module titled ‘Quality Assurance for Advanced Technology Radiation Therapy’ to examine and identify quality assurance procedures for all ASTRO associates.‘Many of these proteins, like a combined band of related molecules known as ‘cytokines,’ are also considered to play a role in the initiation of healthy labor at term,’ he said. Dr. Josef Neu, a professor of neonatology at the University of Florida University of Medicine in Gainesville, cautioned that the scholarly study results are limited. While they’re interesting, he said, the results don’t prove that certain bacterial patterns are linked to premature birth. ‘The data is preliminary, the amount of subjects studied is little, and having less a clear system of how altered vaginal microbes may cause preterm birth will demand considerable additional analysis,’ Neu said. Vaginal bacteria testing might one day become routine, but there’s insufficient evidence to support it now, he said.