ASTMH annual conference to explore latest study on infectious diseases Paul Farmer.

The ‘Other’ Malaria: The deadliest malaria parasite is usually Plasmodium falciparum, but its close cousin Plasmodium vivax is alive and thriving in Latin and Asia America. Experts discuss new approaches to dealing with P. Vivax malaria, that may linger in the liver for a long time and cause multiple relapses. ‘A Vaccine for ‘Breakbone’ Fever?: Mosquito-borne dengue fever, often called ‘breakbone fever’ for the incredible discomfort it causes in the joints, is increasing and has recently reemerged in Florida.The letter also indicated that the Firm's corrective actions would be verified by the FDA in the next facility inspection. From July 11, 2013 through July 18, 2013, the FDA conducted a general inspection of the organization's Burlington facility, operations and quality systems, including a systematic review of corrective actions related to the 2011 Form 483. On July 18, 2013, towards the end of the inspection, the Company received an application 483 having three inspectional observations which are limited in scope and nature . No observations were issued by the FDA pursuing their review of the 2011 Form 483 corrective actions.