Are all 8 year-olds created equivalent?

‘With accurate dosing directions available at a parent’s fingertips, Children’s AccuDial makes it simple to give the proper amount of medicine safely, effectively, and easily, every time,’ says Terwilliger. ‘The pounds of kids in the same age group may differ by as much as 100 percent so they should not be provided the same quantity of medicine. As the dose is based on a child’s fat and not age, the product shall do a better job of easing the symptoms when given in the right dosage.’ HOW IT OPERATES The external label of AccuDial’s patented, two-part labeling program rotates around the bottle. A parent or caregiver basically turns the outer label until the child’s fat in pounds or kilograms is certainly displayed in a home window, and the correct weight-based dosage in milliliters is normally shown below the child’s weight.‘National applications to boost zinc status are just just being initiated, so practical experience with zinc programs is limited still,’ says Dr. Juan Rivera of Mexico, co-chair of the Steering Committee. ‘This research contains abundant proof that the rapid implementation of such programmes would spend instant dividends in improving medical and lifestyle expectancy of people in high-risk countries, children particularly.’ Says Dr. Cutberto Garza, MD, a Professor at Cornell University and Director of the UN University’s Food and Nourishment Programme: ‘It is hoped this document will serve to promote greater awareness among key public health decision makers of the importance of zinc nourishment and help governments, worldwide agencies, and private businesses to ameliorate or, preferably, prevent health problems linked to inadequate zinc intake.’ The record will become circulated to nutrition and health program officers in developing countries by IZiNCG co-funders: the Micronutrient Initiative and UNICEF .