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This has made another dimension in the use of our PA bio-absorbable products and technologies. The Company and a healthcare facility are working closely to ensure the exams are conducted according to the SFDA suggestions and procedures therefore we can rapidly advance into these new clinical trials, said Ms. Wang Hui, CEO of Advanced BioMedical Systems Inc.. Advanced BioMedical Systems commences animal checks with novel patented PA bio-absorbable material Advanced BioMedical Technology Inc. announced that the Company’s subsidiary, Shenzhen Changhua Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd. , provides signed a cooperative contract with The First Affiliated Medical center of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University in Guangzhou.A complete of 502 deaths occurred. The median overall survival was 28.4 months in the pazopanib group and 29.three months in the sunitinib group . Overall survival was equivalent in the two groupings . Safety The median duration of treatment was similar in both groups: 8.0 months in the pazopanib group and 7.6 months in the sunitinib group. Comparable %ages of individuals in the pazopanib and sunitinib groupings had a dosage interruption of 7 days or even more or a decrease in the dose . The proportion of patients who discontinued the analysis drug because of adverse events was 24 percent in the pazopanib group and 20 percent in the sunitinib group ; the bigger discontinuation price observed for pazopanib, as compared with sunitinib, was primarily due to abnormalities in liver-function checks .