And is responsible for 1 in 16 deaths.

Each year, nearly three-quarters of a million people have a stroke in the United States Stroke is the most common cause of disability. This country, and is responsible for 1 in 16 deaths.

For example, currently goal is 90 minutes for the treatment of a blocked artery causing a heart attack cardiologist. The same model can be applied to stroke therapy. – It just makes sense, said Hopkins. Cardiologists have advanced catheter skills for them to deal with clogged arteries in urgent cases are used, and they could multidisciplinary stroke team quickly activated quickly activated when a patient to the emergency room to the emergency room to make an impact. .. Exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields of 50 to 60 Hz was taken to an increased risk of leukemia, brain and breast cancer.The researchers used the health and employment records of more than 22,000 utility workers at 99 different electrical energy supply in Denmark.All the staff had been employed at the company for at least three months in 1968, and for an average of for an average of almost 23 years or until death.In this paper Scientists discover the possible therapeutic aim in Parkinson’s disease.

Some observational studies showed that beta-carotene use associated with a lower risk of cancer. However, some intervention studies high doses high doses of antioxidant supplementing have been due to associated with an elevated associated with an increased risk of lung and digestive cancerous diseases in smokers.

Relationships relationships of beta-carotene , both diet and nutritional supplementation at risk of of tobacco-related cancers – what include, among others colorectal, thyroid gland, eggs Stock, cervical, high-beta in addition to less common cancer types – Marie-Christine Boutron – Ruault, are using INSERM in Villejuif, France, and his in from questionnaires optionally in 1994 to nearly 60,000 French French Etude Epid miologique de Femmes La Mutuelle G? Generale of National Education prospective trial. Researchers evaluated dietary, supplement use and smoking status to these women and followed them for a median of 7.4 years..