Aida Pharmaceuticals announces advancement of new anti-cancer drug Aida Pharmaceuticals.

THE BUSINESS’S mission is to discover, develop and market meaningful brand-new therapies that improve human health. Aida Pharmaceuticals, functioning since March 1999, is usually headquartered in Hangzhou, China with developing, distribution and sales factors throughout mainland China. Aida is GMP certified in ISO9002 and China certified for quality assurance and ISO14000 certified for ecologically-friendly practices.. Aida Pharmaceuticals announces advancement of new anti-cancer drug Aida Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Has announced that it is developing a potential cancer drug that seeks to trigger cell death in certain types of cancer.Comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and inflammatory cysts will be the various kinds of acme lesions. They are caused on the face mainly, chest, back again, shoulders and upper arms. These acne lesions are inflamed form of pus-stuffed reddish bumps that appear mainly during adolescence. There are numerous factors causing acne. A few of them will be the hormonal activities like the menstrual period and increased result of hormones from the adrenal glands. Accumulation of dead skin cells, bacterias in the skin pores, skin scratching or irritation, use of antibiotic steroids, use of medication containing halogens, lithium, barbiturates or androgens, and contact with high degrees of chlorine compounds may also cause acne.