Aid circulation to Haiti improves while seaport opens.

The International Firm for Migration said at least 500,000 people – greater than the Haitian government’s quantity – were surviving in temporary camps. The problem is definitely in flux and there is no one size fits all for shelter solutions, stated Vincent Houver, the IOM chief of mission. Tents will not work in May when the long rainy season begins and later on when hurricane season starts . The Economist examines the response to the earthquake and talks about why the delivery of aid was slow initially. According to the magazine, the primary reason why help was slow to arrive, was that the earthquake knocked out both institutions and the sinews of transportation and communication which aid organizations normally rely.Check out the project for yourself here. MORE HEALTH CONTENT FROM CBS NEWS.

Actor George Clooney agreements malaria By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Oscar-earning actor George Clooney contracted malaria during a trip to Sudan previous this full month, but is fully cured today. Clooney, 49, experienced visited Sudan earlier and upon this trip was assisting draw attention to a historic referendum on independence for citizens of the generally Christian south.