AHF/Cambodia CARES and Cambodian Companions Surpassed Countrys 30.

AHF/Cambodia CARES to start its AIDS assessment initiative through the annual Water Festival During Last Year’s ‘1 Million Tests’ World AIDS Day 2008 Marketing campaign, AHF/Cambodia CARES and Cambodian Companions Surpassed Country’s 30,000 Testing Goal by Examining 35,034 As part of an ambitious global work to test many million people to get HIV in observance of the Tests Hundreds of thousands World AIDS Day 2009 campaign, AHF/Cambodia CARES shall release its inaugural screening effort through the annual Water Festival, which marks the ultimate end of the rainy season and is the largest festival in the Cambodian calendar. The Water Festival commences Sunday, November 1st. AIDS Healthcare Basis , the biggest AIDS group in the US which currently provides AIDS medical care and solutions to more than 120,000 individuals in 22 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, the Asia Pacific Eastern and Area Europe, is spearheading the worldwide initiative to check millions.On the other hand, spores are easily destroyed and die quickly unless they are dispersed instantly into favorable circumstances that include large amounts of water. This is why spore-bearing plants are almost unheard of in deserts . But this main benefit of seeds is also their weakness: That hard covering and extra food storage have become energetically expensive to produce. In contrast, a spore-bearing plant or fungus can produce millions of spores at very minimal energetic and nutritional costs literally.