AGA announces new grant to review relationship between gut microbiota.

AGA announces new grant to review relationship between gut microbiota, digestive disease The AGA Research Base announced a fresh grant that intends to stimulate research into the relationship between your gut microbiota, among today's most exciting areas of science, and digestive disease and health . The AGA Study Awards Panel selected Andrew T. Chan, MD, MPH and his co-workers from Massachusetts General Medical center and Harvard Medical College, Boston, as the 2013 AGA-Elsevier Gut Microbiome Pilot Analysis Award recipient. Dr. Chan will receive $25,000 of funding, in July 2013 commencing, to test the overarching hypothesis that long-term dietary elements are associated with particular microbes and genes associated with colorectal tumor.

Suicide prevention efforts are effective in saving lives,’ said Michelle Hunt, AFSP National Community Plan Council member and Capital Region NY Chapter Table member. ‘There is much we can perform to help young people at risk for suicide. However, it will take people being vigilant and taking action. Any death to suicide is too many.’ Sponsored by Senator Adriano Espaillat, S3561 would require that materials for educators relating to suicide avoidance and signs of unhappiness be provided and released online by the commissioner of any office of mental health. These materials would include details regarding symptoms of major depression, how depressive disorder manifests in different cultures, suicide indicators, appropriate actions to take if suicide risk can be suspected, and educational websites regarding youth suicide avoidance.