Aerocrine net sales increase 10 percent to SEK 93.

Significant events after the period The revised reimbursement strategy continued to show positive momentum with a continued increase of protected lives by general public and personal payers in america as several payers changed their guidelines and are now reimbursing doctors for using FeNO. NIOX MINO received market clearance in both South Taiwan and Korea. AEROCRINE IN Short Comment by the CEO ‘As the ATS suggestions begin to take keep, we are implementing many main initiatives to capitalize upon this important event. First we’ve doubled the sales force in america from eight to sixteen .Red wine has been identified as one of the suspects in maintaining a wholesome heart, but a University of Missouri-Columbia researcher offers found that alcohol now, in moderation, from any source not only maintains a healthy heart, but can reduce the harm to affected tissue following a heart attack. When a heart strike occurs, blood flow is reduced to several regions of the physical body. When the blood circulation is restored, several processes take place in the body that cause more harm to the damaged tissue actually. When the blood supply is reestablished, the blood carries white bloodstream cells to the areas damaged by the reduction in blood delivery.