Adopted by the US on November 20.

20th anniversary of the international Convention in the Rights of the Child today Marks the 20th anniversary of the international Convention on the Rights of the kid Today, adopted by the US on November 20, 1989. The CHU Sainte-Justine and The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Wellness Centre are joining forces to highlight the need for this day, a reminder of the many injustices committed against children around the global world pharmacy . The UN Convention stipulates that children aren’t vulnerable beings who need protection simply; they are individuals who have the right to an education also, healthcare and protection, regardless of where these were born.

28, 2015 – – New analysis suggests it’s never too early to learn healthy eating and exercise habits to lessen the future risk of heart problems. How early? As young as three years old, researchers say. There is a need for a complete modification in the timing of whenever we deliver treatment, senior study author Dr. Valentin Fuster, a professor of medicine at the Icahn College of Medication at Mount Sinai Medical center in NEW YORK, said in a news discharge from the Journal of the American University of Cardiology. As yet, the clinical community has focused on cardiovascular disease, which manifests in the later stages of life typically. Now, we need to focus our care in the contrary stage of life – – we need start promoting health at the earliest years, as early as 3 to 5 5 years old, in order to prevent cardiovascular disease, Fuster said.