AcuMedSpa Holdings to release online marketing campaign AcuMedSpa Holdings.

AcuMedSpa Holdings to release online marketing campaign AcuMedSpa Holdings, Inc., which owns and operates multiple Medical Spa locations throughout South Florida has reached an agreement to start a major Online Marketing Campaign in addition to improve AMSZ’s website through SEO and website redesign and user friendliness with ARC Media Consultants. ‘Getting the opportunity to use veterans of online marketing like the managing partners of ARC gives us the opportunity, assets, and the proven marketing ability few companies in our sector get access to generic cialis canada . This campaign will allow us to reach a lot more potential customers for our current offerings in addition to aggressively launch our planned fresh offerings from November, thus increasing our new consumer acquisitions along with allowing us to attain out to our thousands of current customers for special occasions,’ said Brian Sperber, President of AcuMedSpa.

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