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Acknowledged U read more .S. Clients in the drugs from Canada to the customers, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency released begun to solve customers in the U.S. Seized hundreds of packages of prescription drugs that have been in transit from Canadian pharmacies in the past few months, reports the Los Angeles Times and Rahm Emanuel a letter to a letter to FDA and customs officials to explanation for the explanation for the increased seizures. HHS that the federal government has seizures increases. However customs officials this week, acknowledged have started entered enforcement against the purchase of medicines from abroad , the Los Angeles Times reports related customs official said that the policy change was intended to protect consumers from potentially dangerous drugs manufactured abroad and added, are in no way this process U.S. Citizens U.S. Citizens forced to participate in Medicare Part D. .

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Are The number of the people in Lebanon, the danger an HIV infection can, despite of the country increase the current prevention programs, Mustafa al – Nakeeb, general – principal that National AIDS Control Programme said on Tuesday as a workshop in Beirut, Lebanon, the Beirut Daily Star reported.