According to research in the American Heart Association journal Stroke.

About ten % of strokes happen in 18 – and 50-year-olds. ‘Even if patients seem fairly well recovered regarding electric motor function, there may still be immense 'invisible' damage that leads to lack of independence,’ said Frank-Erik de Leeuw, Ph.D., senior writer of the analysis and associate professor of neurology at the Radboud University Nijmegen INFIRMARY in the Netherlands. Experts assessed the function of 722 people who had a first stroke when they were age 18-50.Recently, the ATRN, health professionals and representatives from federal, state and local institutions met at the initial annual Appalachian Wellness Summit: Concentrate on Obesity to go over the weight problems epidemic, promising research, and possible ways to tackle the region’s many health issues. The brand new network will be looking at these presssing problems through a translational science lens, a perspective that uses collaborations to help accelerate the procedure that lab research goes through to become real world health solutions. We are dedicated to seeing this region escape from being one of the sickest elements of America, says Phillip Kern, MD, Director at the guts for Translational and Clinical Research and Barnstable Dark brown Diabetes and Obesity Center, University of Kentucky .