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And interestingly, this regular rise in autism prices coincides directly with CDC-endorsed vaccination schedules that have also risen sharply since the 1980s. Back in 1983, for instance, the CDC recommended only ten vaccines for kids from birth through six years old vaccine , genetically-altered organisms , toxic chemicals, and processed food items – – continue to remain taboo topics when discussing autism. But any rational human being that takes the time to objectively investigate the science behind how autism spectrum disorders are, at the very least, spurred on by these and other toxins, will quickly recognize that the ugly truth about autism is being concealed from the public. And while these factors may not cause autism symptoms in every single person that is exposed to them, they surely result in it in many, especially when exposures are mixed and persistent.Patrick Packer, executive director of the Southern Helps Coalition and a moderator for the discussion, wants to pose this question: ‘Exactly why is it that the South is not getting its fair talk about of federal money based on the epidemic?’ The South leads the nation in the %age of AIDS-related deaths. Yet, the region ranks last with regards to overall federal government dollars spent on an HIV-infected person at $6,565 a year, based on the coalition. Forty-six % of brand-new AIDS cases in 2007 were in the South, according to the latest numbers from the U.S.