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Meanwhile, financing issues related to Planned Parenthood continue steadily to receive interest. The Hill: NARAL Faces Mounting Abortion Restrictions In States Abortion-rights groups are facing tough choices about where you can challenge new restrictions on abortion and other reproductive health solutions in the wake of a razor-sharp increase in both condition and federal legislation on the issue. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, a Republican, is expected to sign a costs that aims to take off Planned Parenthood’s funding in the condition, and legislatures nationwide are thinking about a range of various other proposals to limit usage of abortion .Also, seniors who received the vitamin D supplements reported about half the falls as those in the placebo group, based on the scholarly study published online Aug. 16 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Culture. However, the study doesn’t actually prove that higher degrees of the vitamin avoided falls. Although these initial results are encouraging, we need to confirm the results in a more substantial trial, Houston said in a Wake Forest information release. Every full year, about one-third of seniors who live at home suffer falls, and about one in 10 falls results in serious injury, the researchers say.

ADHD Medication: 1 For All? Dr. Jon LaPook may be the CBS News medical correspondent. This week’s bout of CBS Doc Dot Com got me to a university campus where I acquired schooled by two learners about the widespread usage of ADHD meds – by children with out a diagnosis of the condition – to review, stay attentive, and just to feel good sometimes.