$600M for health law implementation in Presidents proposed budget For the time being.

$600M for health law implementation in President’s proposed budget For the time being, the budget also proposes $5.5 billion for risk corridors in 2015 to pay insurers who find themselves with an increased number of sicker and the elderly they must insure. Some call that system a bailout More information here . Kaiser Wellness News: HHS Seeks $600 Million For Health Law Enrollment Efforts Just in case Congress doesn't move President Barack Obama's fiscal 2015 budget plan, officials in the Section of Health and Human Providers say they have other options for locating the money they need to implement the health care law .

The ad features members of our Greatest Generation begging Sen. Lieberman not to cut Medicare to pay for health care reform. The :30 second TV advertisement will run in conjunction with a :60 second ad that began airing on Wednesday. Start to see the ad at or the Connecticut :30 second version in> Seniors have already lost their social protection COLA, now Senator Lieberman wants to cut their Medicare, too? It might end up being Halloween, but let’s stop Fright Night time. Senator Lieberman should endure Senator Harry Reid and simply tell him ‘I won’t support any costs which cuts Medicare,’ stated Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus.