3 easy ways to take care of your eyes Imagine a day without being able to see.

Eat fresh and seasonal fruits. Avoid junk food. And join a Yoga class, gym, aerobics, or any various other exercise form excites you. As per AAO, some studies suggest that regular exercise, such as walking, can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by to 70 % up. We’d also help you to either stop or cut down on your smoking. People who smoke are usually at a greater threat of developing age related macular degeneration and cataracts. 2 Get your eyes examined at least every two years Eye tests aren’t expensive, but they can save you from eye diseases that can ruin your vision / eye sight for life. An eye examination not only determines your risk for creating a major eye disease such as for example diabetic retinopathy, but also ensures that your prescription for vision contact or glasses lens is sufficient.Insulin imbalance Many situations to be overweight are due to an imbalance of the hormone insulin. Insulin enables the body to use glucose and carbohydrates. However, factors such as for example genetic predisposition, food allergies, eating habits, and stress can hinder carbohydrate and glucose utilization, which can result in a condition known as glucose intolerance. Excess sugar usage may also contribute to glucose intolerance and obesity. Usually insulin will signal the body to stop eating, but if your glucose levels are chronically heightened due to inefficient insulin, you may eat more. This sets up an awful cycle of eating more refined carbohydrates, that leads to more food cravings even, which ends to more weight gain often.